what to drink with rum

What To Drink With Rum – 8 Best Ways to Enjoy Rum

what to drink with rum

Have you ever wondered what to drink with rum? Rum is one of those drinks that you can enjoy all year round and never goes out of fashion.

Rum is a really versatile beverage too. It’s a mixologists dream. Simply mix it with other light ingredients to create a smooth and wonderfully refreshing drink.

Rum is a sugar cane spirit that originated in the Caribbean. Whilst it hasn’t received the huge revival that it was predicted to have after the gin boom, the natural flavours of rum ensure that it will always be a treasured spirit within the beverage world.

1. Tonic Water

Not just for Gin! Tonic water is actually an excellent mixer for rum. The bitter quinine in tonic water is the perfect complement to the sweetness of rum. However, the rum’s age does play a part as to how well it will mix with the tonic. Therefore this mixer isn’t recommended for the aged classics.

How To Mix Rum and Tonic

The perfect formula is 4 parts tonic to 1 part rum. Squeeze some lemon into the glass and add plenty of ice. Add your rum and tonic to the glass. If you are feeling fancy, garnish with lime and mint.

2. Soda Water

can you mix rum and soda water

The humble soda water is not to be sniffed at! Don’t forget it is the key ingredient in a mojito! It can even be used to create a mojito using our Mint and Lime Gin. Soda water is actually great to bring out rums deepest flavours.

Mixing soda water and rum isn’t as simple as throwing them both together in a glass though.

How To Mix Rum and Soda

The perfect formula is actually 50-50 rum to soda. Whilst the two ingredients are perfect on their own, we prefer to add a squeeze of lime. Plus your half way to a mojito!

3. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is not just for Pina Colada’s! The sharp tang of pineapple juice is perfect for balancing out the earth tones of gold or dark rum. Ensure you use fresh pineapple juice opposed to concentrate though for a better overall flavour.

How To Mix Rum and Pineapple Juice

No need to get fancy here. A few shots of rum added to a glass of pineapple juice is the easiest and most delicious way to enjoy!

4. Coconut Water

can you mix rum and coconut water

Before skipping past this one, remember that coconut water is able to bring the same tropical flair as many coconut flavoured rums on the market! Whilst the overall coconut taste is more paired down and lighter, it can still pack a tropical punch to your favourite rum.

Coconut water may also help to stave of a hangover so if you regular suffer after a night drinking rum, adding coconut water may be the answer!

How To Mix Rum and Coconut Water

The perfect formula is adding 2 ounces of rum to 4 ounces of fresh coconut water. This creates a beautifully light and refreshing drink. If you want to get fancy, you can add some vanilla essence to add a new depth of flavour to your drink.

5. Cola

Possibly the most well known mixer to have with rum is the humble cola! This bittersweet combination dates back over 100 years. It is also the reason why only Coke will do and not Pepsi.

The Rum and Coke combination is not to be sniffed out. Whilst its been done to death, combining rum with a craft cola creates a whole new depth to the time old drink that is worth exploring!

How To Mix Rum and Coconut Water

The perfect formula is 3 parts cola to 1 or 2 parts rum. We recommend playing around with the ratio’s however as each type of cola brings it own flavour into the mix.

6. Orange Juice

can you mix rum and orange juice

Whilst orange juice itself is a popular mixer being used in everything from vodka to sparking white wine, it isn’t often combined with rum. They are actually a great combination too! The citrus flavour of the orange juice is similar to pineapple juice and so complements the complex flavours of the rum.

Always use fresh squeezed orange juice opposed to concentrate. Fresh orange juices flavours are far sweeter than concentrated juice.

How To Mix Rum and Orange Juice

There are no hard or fast rules to this one. Simply fill a glass with orange juice an add a shot or two of your favourite rum.

7. Ginger Beer

The spicy but gently sweet ginger beer is a perfect mixer to rum. If you don’t believe us then order a Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail! We prefer white rum with ginger beer as its lighter flavour complements the drink beautifully.

How To Mix Rum and Ginger Beer

The perfect formula is 1 part rum to 3 parts ginger beer. In summer time add some crushed ice and a twist of lime.

8. Neat

Beautifully Butterscotch Rum

Not all rums are special enough to be enjoyed neat. Our Beautifully Butterscotch Rum is distilled with smoothness in mind. Thats why we recommend that you enjoy our rum neat over ice. Its also very nice when mixed with other things such as any of the mixers above. It’s also heavenly in a hot chocolate (check out our recipe here)

Our Beautifully Butterscotch Rum is a white rum that has been carefully blended with our own secret butterscotch recipe. It is smooth, creamy and very easy to drink! Simply shake to serve!

Mix it up your way

I hope we have given you some new, fresh ideas on what to drink with rum. This humble spirit has a wide variety of flavours. Rum definitely has a place in the spirit world and is here to stay.

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