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What is small-batch gin?

What is small-batch gin? Gin has surged in popularity since its humble early beginnings. Originally used in the middle ages for medicinal purposes, it now has its own place in the alcohol industry.

Today’s gin creations come in all shapes and sizes. From large mass-produced and rapidly manufactured through to small businesses that navigate the entire process themselves (like us!)

Gin can be exciting, innovative and feature out of the ordinary botanicals. In this article of our gin journey, we explore what is a small batch gin?

It’s about craft

gin still

In more recent years, gin production has become more widely known for the craft behind the spirit. Gin lovers have moved away from the standard Gordon’s gin and are embracing the new.

Whilst there is no real set definition of the term “craft” in gin making terms, for most gin lovers it’s all about the people and story of those who make it.

Now its about the care and attention that goes into the entire craft of gin.

Creation of new recipes

how to create a gin recipe

A huge part of the gin revival is all down to the recipes. New and exciting combinations are being dreamed up every day! Small-batch gin distillers are able to pay more attention to the entire process.

When we created our Lavender and Lemongrass gin recipe, it was a really exciting time as it has never been done before. Lavender is a notoriously hard botanical to work with!

It misbehaves and if not distilled perfectly, it creates a soapy taste in the gin. Unpleasant to say the least! Since we developed the recipe ourselves, we were able to have complete control.

Each of our gin recipes has been created exactly how we want the gin to taste, from the first sip right through to the aftertaste.

It’s actually harder to create gin on a smaller scale since even the smallest detail matter.

Sourcing Ingredients

Strawberry gin

More interest and focus is now on the ingredients than ever before. Most small-batch gins are extremely passionate about each and every botanical that makes it into their gin.

Local ingredients are more commonly used which not only supports other local businesses but also reduces the carbon footprint.

The uniqueness of small-batch gin is created through a combination of the recipe and the botanicals. Small Batch gins are easily able to champion products that are truly unique.

Production method

There are three basic methods of distilliation:

  • Pot Distilled gin – Earliest style of gin
  • Column distilled gin
  • Compound gin

Small batch distilling can use any of these production methods but the key is that huge amounts of gin aren’t produced simultaneously.

Size matters

understanding gin sizes

The easiest way to view small-batch gin is that very simply put, it s again that isn’t produced in larger quantities.

There actually isn’t any legality or clarification before the term. It’s safe to say that if the gin you love isn’t producing thousands of bottles per day then they are a small batch gin!

It runs deeper than this though – of course! The term small batch is usually followed by craft gin.

This is due to the fact that most small batched gin distillers don’t want (or need) to make thousands of bottles. The priority isn’t in the money, its quite literally the method and entire spirit creating process.

We create gin because we love it! We are grateful for every single day that we get to pursue our passion! Whether that’s being at a market, delivering online orders or distilling, we love it all!

Real People

meet the maker

Behind every small-batch gin are real people. Not a company that’s been acquired or created by a mass-produced in order to tap the market.

At Springmount Spirits, we love making connections with other spirit lovers! Talking about our craftmanship with other like-minded people and gin enthusiasts is what enhances the entire process for us.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our story, we basically make our spirits because we love it! Our small family business is nestled in our local community and the support we receive is amazing.

If you can’t put a face to the distiller behind your favourite gin brand then can they really be called a small batch, craft gin brand?

Spot the signs

There are three easy ways to discover if your favourite gin brand is really a small batch gin:

  1. Who makes it?
    Can you place a name or face to the gin? If you contacted them, would it be them that responded? Lots of mass-produced gins are attempting to jump on the small-batch bandwagon. The easiest way to spot a fake is to find out more about the creators. Most gins have a story or about us page on their website.
  2. Is it a craft gin?
    Craft gin and small-batch gin often go hand in hand (not always though – just to confuse things!) Both create their spirits out of love and not for profitability.
  3. Do they know what’s in it?
    A small-batch producer will know each and every ingredient that goes into their gin. They are also able to talk (at great length!) about the entire gin-making process.
    It’s easy to spot an imposter by simply viewing their website or talking to them if you’re lucky enough to meet them in person.

Its all about the gin!

how do you make gin

Whilst small-batch gin isn’t a legal term, it is still able to carve out a small identifiable portion of the gin market. We hope you enjoyed this article and that you are now fully up to speed about what a small batch (and craft gin) are.

If you have any more questions or comments about this or anything gin related (even if you just want to say hi!) you can contact at us via email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or leave a comment on this site.

We run every part of our business ourselves including our own emails and social media.

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