Custom 5cl S&R label

Gin wedding favours: make your special day extra special

Share your love of gin with your wedding guests by treating them to their own Springmount Gin wedding favours. Spoil your family and friends with a miniature bottle of their favourite bottle of one of our gins. If you can’t choose just one then why not treat them to one of our gift sets!

Our bigger bottles also look stunning when used as a centrepiece and we are able to provide tonics to complement our gins perfectly.

Beautiful bottles

Springmount Lavender and lemongrass 5cl

We spent a huge amount of time choosing our miniature bottles as to ensure that the quality of our spirits ran straight through to the bottle, label and even stopper.

Most gin companies choose a generic plain screw top bottle for their minis in order to keep costs down. Here at Springmount we want every detail to be perfect including the miniature bottles.

We often receive compliments on our miniature bottles from passers-by at markets and events. People often stop and come over to us just to let us know how much they love the bottles!

Our miniature bottles make stylish and unique gin wedding favours.

Our wedding gin bottles and gifts are sold in “packs” of 10. Different gins can be combined within this pack of 10 (i.e. 3 Strawberry and Raspberry, 4 Lavender and Lemongrass and 3 Mint and Lime). If you require less or an odd number please get in touch and we will be happy to help!

Our gin and your design

Below are all the different ways you can create your personalised gin bottles/gifts for each product to create stunning gin wedding favours.

5cl gin bottles

Strawberry Gin

Our 5cl bottle labels can have customised borders and text. It’s a great way to thank your wedding guests for sharing your special guests! They also make a great addition to your seating plan!

Editing ideas include:

  • Customised borders such as wedding bells
  • Text to say “thank you”, the names of people getting married or the venue.
  • Add the date to your gifts so that your special occasion will be remembered forever.

5cl Gin and Tonic

Strawberry and Raspberry G&T

Perfect for saying thank you without going over budget! Each Springmount gin and tonic gift set comes with one 5cl gin of your choice along with two fever tree tonics.

The 5cl can be personalised as above. The gift box can also be personalised too! Add a customised label to the inside lid with a special message just for them!

Choose from one of your pre made labels or design your own!

If you would like the outside of the box personalised too – just let us know! We are happy to work with you on all your designing needs.

5cl Mini Gin Gift Box

3 x mini gin giftset

This little gift box packs a big punch! Three of our 5cl gins all presented beautifully in a hand-stamped artisan box. The mini gin gift box usually consists of one of each of our gins. You can customise this too! You chose the gins for your guests! Just drop us a note when ordering which gins you would like and we’ll make it happen.

As with the above set, the 5cl’s can be customised along with adding a special message inside the box.

70cl gin bottles

The big way to say thank you or “I do”! Our 70cl bottles are the perfect way to mark your special day.

Personalise the text on our bottles to mark the occasion. Display the date of your special day, along with your names to say thank you to your guests. Create a personalised wedding day message. Mark the tables with a special message. These are just a few ways in which you can enhance your special occasion.

Whilst our 70cl borders cant currently be customised, they do look rather special as they are! We are happy to work with you on your customisation journey. Simply drop us a message.

Design your own gin bottle

Personalised Gin wedding favours

Say that special “thank you” to your guests with our personised gin bottles/gifts! Our gin can be incorporated into your wedding style and colour scheme!

Our 70cl bottles are great to be placed on each table for your guests to share! Customise them to have your names on with the date. They can also be used in conjuction with your seating plan. A bottle on each table bearing your names and the table name.

The 5cl bottles will allow you to have your guests names on with a thank you message from you to them! These also make fabulous seating markers. Each guest will know exactly where they are sitting, plus you know they have received their wedding favour!

With you every step of the way

We care as much about your celebration almost as much as you do. After placing an order, thats not the end! After that first order, we are with you every step of the way.

From a detailed chat to go over your requirements to sending proofs over to be checked. You can contact us at any point and we will always get back to you (usually the same day too!)

Non drinking Guests

how do you make gin

Instead of having some people left out, why not provide them with a special tonic instead? A perfect way of serving all your guests without having anyone left out is with tonics!

A great idea is to use different tonic flavours to mark where each of your guests will sit. We can stick to traditional tonics or source some more unusual ones!

A 70cl bottle of gin is placed in the middle of each table and then your guests can choose whether they add gin to their tonic or not.

It’s a great way of providing non-alcoholic drinks subtly and without drawing attention.

Create Gin wedding favours as unique as you are!

We are so proud of being able to offer our Gin wedding favours service to help enhance your special occasions.

If you are interested but are not sure what will fit in with your budget or style, simply send us an email. We can then work with you to tailor-make your gin gifts wit your special occasion.

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