Springmount Mint and Lime London Dry Gin


The fresh and uplifting fragrance of our Mint and Lime gin is crisp and energetic!

This gin features a total of eight botanicals carefully combined to create a light and fresh-tasting gin. The mint infuses the gin with a subtle flavour that can still be tasted in the mouth after each sip.

Springmount Mint and Lime Gin is fresh, lively and energetic.

Perfect served with a premium Mediterranean tonic and a ribbon of lime!


2 reviews for Springmount Mint and Lime London Dry Gin

  1. springmountspirits

    “Had my first delivery a week ago. I tried the mint and lime. It’s absolutely gorgeous and very refreshing. Will definitely be purchasing more. Very fast delivery too”
    Jane A

  2. springmountspirits

    Got a small bottle of the mint and lime at Bolton food festival. Absolutely delicious

    Sarah Briscoe

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