Only the finest ingredients are used in each bottle of Springmount Gin. Our London Dry Gin uses local produce (where possible) to create a high quality, premium gin.

Springmount Gin is a small batched, hand crafted London Dry Gin. Only 290 bottles are made of each flavour at one time – no more and no less! All of our bottles are hand labelled by the creators – Emma and Joe too!

Our Water

Each bottle of Springmount Gin is bursting with one of the purest waters in the world. It flows from natural springs in the Scottish Mountains and the springs lie within the Cairngorms National Park, a protected area of outstanding natural beauty.

The springs are located 600 feet above sea level, a remote area in one of the most beautiful and unspoiled parts of Scotland. The water actually became famous for its healthy qualities in the 1760s after a local woman was cured of a fatal disease when she bathed in and drank the “miracle waters” Compared to most waters, this source has :

  • a very low mineral content
  • a low pH value
  • a low redox potential
  • small molecular cluster size
  • These unique properties make it different to other waters and are the reason for its beneficial effects.

Meet the flavours:

Strawberry and Raspberry Gin
Lavender and Lemongrass Gin
Mint and Lime Gin

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