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Strawberry Cheesecake gin! Tom over at The Gin Blog has not only compared our Strawberry and Raspberry gin to a delicious cheesecake, he has also very kindly reviewed our gin!

Tom tested all three of our gin flavours – Strawberry and Raspberry, Lavender and lemongrass and Mint and Lime. He really loved our gins and was very impressed that we maintained the very high standard required of a genuine London Dry Gin.

The scent of this gin reminded me very much of cheesecake…sweet, biscuit notes with a raspberry in the background. The cheesecake flavour is also there on the palate. Strawberry comes first, followed by raspberry and finally juniper. The flavours are in no way synthetic tasting and, while it’s quite a sweet gin, it’s not a lasting sweetness. That juniper finish means the sweetness is not too overpowering.”

The Gin Blog about our Strawberry and Raspberry Gin

The nose is dominated by lemongrass and I also get a slight hint of ginger. Lemongrass is the dominant flavour on the palate along with a delicate floral note from the lavender. Juniper comes in at the end, leaving a lovely pine note on the tongue.”

The Gin Blog about our Lavender and Lemongrass gin

“The note is full of fresh mint and hints of lime, closely followed by subtle juniper. It smells fresh, vibrant and clean. On the palate, the lime is more prominent than the mint and the juniper is very firmly there, anchoring the flavour nicely. The finish is long, and warming with a slight pepperiness.”

The Gin Blog about our Mint and Lime

Click here to read more of the review or here to learn more about our unique gin flavours.

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