Crowdfunder Campaign ends.

Our crowdfunding campaign is now over.

Our crowdfunder campaign was set up with the aim to raise £17k. This was to help fund our set up costs – of which there are many! The target was set with a very tight deadline of raising this amount in just five weeks! Our crowdfunder campaign is now over.

a gin still in use

The crowdfunder campaign was a set up rather eagerly. We only barely had a presence on social media!

After the five weeks we raised much less than was required.

The campaign that we signed up to was an “all or nothing” campaign. This was as we didn’t feel it was right asking for the funds for setting up and then just taking any money we could get.

Since we didn’t reach our target all the pledged money as been returned to the backers and unfortunately the rewards that were claimed are voided.

Fear not though loyal friends, this is not the end of Springmount gin! We are still on track for our launch in May 2019.

We are aware quite a lot of people used our crowdfunding campaign as a way to pre-order bottles of our gin. The current work focus is on partnering with a variety of online shops to see if we can take pre-orders so everyone can be guaranteed a bottle of our gin. We only make 290 bottles of each flavour per still run.

A big thank you to everyone who supports us and believes in our gin! Don’t forget to check our news to keep up to date with all things Springmount!

Signatures of the creators of Springmount Gin Emma and Joe
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